Klinkklare Muziek Den Haag muzieklessen voor leerlingen met beperkingen

Welcome to Klinkklare Muziek

Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Huib Westerbaan. I graduated as a music therapist in 1988 and I have 25 years of experience in various care and educational areas. To me the most important aspect of my work is the pleasure that people derive from making music. A positive result gives immediate energy and creativity, for private and group lessons alike. Musical development often goes hand in hand with a more positive self-image and improved social and emotional functioning.

Klinkklare Muziek
Klinkklare Muziek started in the summer of 2013. Klinkklare Muziek is for anyone who wishes to experience music, age doesn’t matter. Klinkklare Muziek offers a.o. guitar lessons, piano/keyboard lessons, vocal instruction, etc…

Private lessons are mainly taught in the Beukstraat. Group lessons (for bands and singing groups) mainly in the centre for art and culture ‘Het Koorenhuis’.

Het Koorenhuis
Through the Koorenhuis - with which I have been affiliated since 2000 - I teach at so-called Art Magnet Schools (Kunstmagneetscholen) and I teach people with an impairment there. Private lessons but especially group lessons such as bands and singing groups.

Planetree, “Recovery through Art” (Beter van Kunst) is a Koorenhuis project in cooperation with Haga hospitals.
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