Klinkklare Muziek Den Haag muzieklessen voor leerlingen met beperkingen

Planetree Music at your bedside

When in 1967 at the age of 7 I had to spend a year in hospital, my carefree primary school existence changed to blood transfusions, drip feeding and family members waving from behind windows. When I finally moved from a single room to a ward, the radio, and the songs it played, became - apart from my relatives visiting me daily - the most important contact with the outside world. For me music had healing properties.

Now that I have joined Planetree, “Recovery through Art” (Beter van Kunst), a Koorenhuis project in cooperation with Haga hospitals, a lot but at the same time not so much seems to have changed. I play for those who want me to, for people finding their way in a sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently changing life. It is very special when people are moved to tears, or when a song or tune makes them smile, by just listening …… in one way or another people almost always join in.